IPM Hybrid Universal
on 2004 released first OEM compatible Kyocera® magnetic toner

on 2011 released first real wide range Hp® universal called IPM STAR® series

on 2019 released first Hybrid toner called IPM®-HYBRID UNIVERSAL

A-BOMB ! to our industry
IPM team introduce first Hybrid toner which merge together non-magnetic and magnetic toners.

Everybody knows that non-magnetic toners like Samsung and magnetic toners like Hp are completely different structures beside that, each structure requires different fuel for procure blackness, cleaning properties, charge stability etc..

Chemist knows that polyester resin does't like styrene , carbon black does't like magnetite ; Question mark is what if they get along each other , is it possible to merge together ?

Carbon Black embedded on Magnetite ?

Yes, it is possible with new technology and we made it and called IPM®-HYBRID UNIVERSAL

You could not believe that it works very same toner in such a different printers and MFP's which have different technologies.

Please try most painful machines like Samsung SLM 2020 printers , like Hp m102 printers, on %100 new Hp or Samsung cartridges recycling. Lexmark Optra series even Canon copiers as above mentioned; YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE TILL YOU TRY.