Common Ink and Toner Questions

Will your compatible ink or toner cartridge void the warranty?

According to the MAGNUSON-MOSS WARRANTY IMPROVEMENT ACT: (United States Code Annotated – Title 15 Commerce And Trade – Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties Section 2302), it is illegal for a manufacturer to require you to use their branded parts in order to retain the warranty.

Why is ink/toner/drum low light or change ink/toner/drum message appearing after I just installed your new compatible or remanufactured cartridge?

When using a new aftermarket toner, drum, or ink product, your machine may give an error. Some possible reasons include:

• There may be a strip of protective tape that hangs out of the cartridge’s side. Be sure it has been pulled completely out.
• Some cartridges have a paper cover over them when new. Make sure to remove it completely.
• If your cartridge contains neither a strip or paper cover and the error message remains, simply power down the machine and remove the cartridge for 15~20 seconds. Reinstall the cartridge in the machine and power back up. Press the go, continue, resume, or select button (button varies printer to printer), then perform a small print job.
• It may detect that a non-OEM part is in the printer and the manufacturer wants you to think you need OEM parts. It will not void your warranty to use non-OEM cartridges.
• On some printers, the low ink/toner light will remain lit because of the manufacturer’s design. You may print as normal. The cartridge is full. We guarantee all our products are filled to the stated capacity and will print to the OEM page yields.

Why is the print output light-colored or uneven?

When a cartridge prints light upon initial installation, remove the cartridge and check for any plastic strips, protective tapes, or paper/plastic covers that should be removed or that are located over the rollers. Next, gently rock the cartridge side to side a few times to dispense the ink/powder evenly. Now reinstall and perform a print job of about 20 pages. You should see an improvement in your print quality.

Why are there lines, spots or splotches on my prints?

Between cartridge changes, it is important to clean your printer with a soft cloth or towel. Slight residue from the cartridges being dispensed inside the printer during the course of its use is normal and should simply be wiped off with a clean, soft cloth. Once cleaned, reinstall the unit and print several pages. If no improvement and the toner is an all-in-one toner/drum unit, it may be possible that the aluminum drum roller has a defect.

What does “At 5% Coverage” mean?

Toner and ink cartridges are rated by manufacturers for printing a standard printed page of text. They estimate that a page of text (no photos or graphics) will use toner/ink on about 5% of the paper. 100% coverage would mean the page is covered completely with ink or toner. For example, it would be solid black if you were using black toner at 100% coverage. So, when they rate a cartridge at “2,500 yield”, it means that about 2,500 pages of text at 5% coverage can be printed before it runs out of ink or toner. However, please note that many print jobs vary and actually use more than 5% coverage. For example, photos and graphics use quite a bit more ink and toner.